We are a not-for-profit student-run organization that began in 2019. All of our members are UNB Law students. We aim to serve the UNB Law community, the Canadian legal community, and the New Brunswick community. Our focus is on offering services to marginalized or vulnerable community members.

This year, we will be offering two opportunities for restorative justice circle training. One in September and the second in Winter. This year, we will be coordinating with schools and police to provide our services, as an alternative form of dispute resolution, to youth in Fredericton. 

Our members are expected to meet up once a week (TBD) for 1-2 hours. In the meetings, we perform role play, meet up with community leaders, watch documentaries, and organize events. We are inviting new members to apply.

Take a look at our Constitution and Business Plan for those who are interested in learning more about our Society.